today was a day in which things occured.

God. Today was just all over the place.

It started beautifully; we have this state testing in these big booklets with fill-in-the-bubble Q’s and amazing essays about cyber-technology and owls (as this prude 😛 squeed about) that I really enjoyed while the dickwads aforementioned in this blog (class prez winner, total jackass, ringin’ any bellz?) chose to write “I don’t fucking know” on their essays. That was rambly, but GAH, I love these tests. They are just so amazing. They don’t do anything for your grades, which is a plus in my book (I definitely don’t care about or like grades and homework and regular tests that make you look dumb when you really didn’t try). The tests simply see what you excel at and I infer that they’re used in state statistics.

Anyhoo. After the the one-fourth of the testing, two hours, was over, I had to face the rest of the day stricken with guilt for not telling my best friend something. Eventually I told her, and then felt bad for ratting out another friend. I then told him that I told her (mindwarp, lo siento), and then felt really awful because he is now mad at me. It’s just an annoying spiral that I don’t feel like explaining because my head already hurts .. but overall it was just stressful and awful and gah.

I end a lot of run-ons with “gah”. To self: Must think of more endings and transitions. Gah.


Right now I am staring at my massive pastel kit, wanting to pastel something purdy. My hands just feel too damn tired (not tired enough to blog, though, hmmm!) to make something pretty, which is depressing. I am depressing. Today is not a good day.

EXCEPPPPT. I got to hang out with M-Dig. That was nice.

This blog post is boring. Let’s get off of me talking with a SEXY MAN OF THE DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

It is most definitely Shia LaBeouf. I can’t believe I haven’t posted him yet; he is my favorite sexy man in the entire world, so I will have about five pictures up. I think I was saving him for a special day, and even though today wasn’t that special (as bitched about above :P), I’m betting this’ll cheer me (and anyone else) up. AM USING LOTS OF PARENTHESES, MUST STOP AND POST SEXY MAN AHHHH!

Wasn’t that the best seven minutes of your life? … If you didn’t spend at least seven minutes ogling that fine piece of man-meat, you need to go back. Or refer yourself to the hunt!

That’s really all I have for today. God, BEDN is going to be kind of grueling :/ Sorry this post sucked major donkey ballz.

❤ and shiz!


PS. M-Diggly, the tea mentioned was Red Zinger, the taste, the brand, etc. I’ll let you read it later 🙂 Or I’ll post it tomorrow. Either way, I am now craving it. BYE!


~ by junkinmahcranium on November 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “today was a day in which things occured.”

  1. Aww, friend drama sucks D:

    It’ll probably blow over soon 🙂

    Oh! I saw the sexy man of the day and was like :\ really? But then I saw the third picture and I am a sucker for men in vests 🙂

  2. I saw that sexy man in Transformers 2 the other day.
    I love Holes. God that film is good.

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