Yo, Blogisphere. Whaddup.

I’m sure you’d all just love to hear about how I failed BEDN, but it’s been painfully obvious (in my opinion), as I haven’t posted in SIX DAYS. BAHHAA. I suck eggs.

But I don’t want to talk about that at the moment. Let me just write a letter.

Dear Girl (I would go into detail but sometimes even I must can the meanness that wants to spew out),

Could you please pry your enormous head out of your egotistically fit ass for three seconds and take in life around you? Wipe the shit from your eyes and look at what’s in front of you. Wait, who’s that? Some girl in glasse- NO. IT’S EFFING ME. REMEMBER ME? THE ONE YOU TALK TO ALL THE TIME? The one who listens to your boyfriend stories and giggles at your sexual adventures and sympathizes with your bitchy friends? Is my existance ringing a bell? I know that to you I am just a sponge, only born onto this planet to hear and soak up everything your life has to offer. But guess what? This little sponge does indeed have a life of her own … but you wouldn’t know about that, would you, for you never ever, not once, ask about how I am doing. It’s always “My boyfriend and I this”, blah blah blah. Yes, I’m really happy that you’re together, finally, and you love each other and mooshy pooshy poop. But I’m here, too. Not everything is about the kisses and the love and the humpage between you and your man. I know you’d like to think so, but it just isn’t. So if you’re going to continue to treat me like an empty notebook(ready to listen but having no story of my own), I’ll make you a trade. I’ll buy you SIX empty notebooks in exchange for you leaving me the hell alone. I do have a life to get back to, and a few actual friends who sincerely care about what I have to say. So, the choice is yours: Really talk to me, or just kiss with your boytoy like nothing else is happening. I’ll only wait so long for an answer.

With love,


Was that too harsh? No. No it wasn’t. I wish I could read it to her or send her this link, but .. well, I’m a tad chicken.


~ by junkinmahcranium on November 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “NO BLOG MUST RANT”

  1. Word, girl, word. Everything you wrote, so true, so blatantly obvious to probably EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD. I so wish you could show it to her.

    (Also, unspoken shoutout to you on MY blog this evening. Thought you’d like it on a night like this. :DDDDDD)

  2. o_O
    I didn’t realise you hadn’t posted… in 6 days… does that make me a bad friend or busy?

    • Busy 😛 I’m really bad about commenting on YOUR blog, and M’s blog, and Marina’s blog, and Merch’s blog, and Hazel’s blog. I’m just bad with blogs. so no worries 😀

  3. That’s not too harsh. But I think you should tell that to her. Not those exact words. Maybe in a polite way. 🙂 Or in a one-sentence angry way haha!

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