it’s too late to be crafty in a title.

I can’t believe I’m getting love advice from an overly-madeup potato.

That was harsh, I’m sorry, but ughhhh. Sophiaaaaaa. xD

It is later. I was thinking about today; I had amazing luck in a few different cases, and it’s Friday the 13th. Is that witches’ way of telling me I’m awesome for believing in them? And exploring their religion? And being fascinated by them? I hope so 🙂 La dee doo. It’s even later now. 10:10. Not late at all.

I really have nothing to say today, I’m sorry. I babysit tomorrow night and am going to see the school play Sunday afternoon and have to spend the rest of the weekend filming this crazy video for Global Studies. I’m nervous. I have a class with a bunch of stuck-up dumbasses, so they probably won’t appreciate mine even though it’ll be the best. That’s not me being cocky, that’s me being honest, because these kids wouldn’t know how to work Microsoft Powerpoint if the manual bit em in the ass, and couldn’t even begin to OPEN UP Windows Movie Maker. So yay. I’ll pwn. But no one will recognize it for the true Pwnness it shall be.


Some of my friends are on a preggo scare. I’m worried. :/

I’m sorry this post sucked. I say that all the time, so today is the last day, I promise, that I’ll say “sorry this post sucked”. I won’t even say “STPS” or “lo siento este [post?] tiene malo contenido”. NADA OF THE ABOVE.




~ by junkinmahcranium on November 14, 2009.

One Response to “it’s too late to be crafty in a title.”

  1. Preggo scare!? OMG… that IS scary.
    I hope it’s all ok.
    I just KNOW your video is going to be fantastic.

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