*wheeze* hey durr. *gasp*

This is pathetic.

I’m in Minneapolis at the moment, visiting my sister, and we wanted to go biking. So we’re biking, merrily along, and after two blocks I’m kinda naggy-breathed. After four blocks, my throat starts to contract and expand real quickly. At ten blocks, we have to pull over and stop our ride so I can BREATHE.

I’m either sadly, horribly out of shape — or I have asthma. I emailed my mom to set up an appointment. It’s been going on like this for a bit but dear gods on high, that’s just ridiculous. I’m STILL breathing heavily, trying to force some air into my aching lungs. Gahh!

It’s also pathetic that I haven’t updated in about 12 days. Not that any of you care; half of you are wrimoing and the other half  have better things to do:) But I’m not self-pitying, because my updates suck and I don’t say  anything interesting, ever. I don’t blame ya.

Thanksgiving was wonderful here. We had little cornish hens and squash with brown sugar and mashed patatoes (:D) and the mood was bubbly (ahem) and fun. I liked it much. Hopefully Christmas is this great.

I might be moving soon; near the end of January. What say you, Blogisphere?

I’ve been having troubles with doors lately. Specifically, door HANDLES. It seems I can’t turn them, pull them, push them, unlatch them … anything. Also pathetic. Something about my hand connecting with pieces of door makes the gods cry because Nature makes it not happen. Nature then sticks me with the embarassment of sitting there, pulling/prying/pushing/twisting desperately, looking much the part of BUFFOON. Gahhh.

I end a lot of paragraphs with “Gah”. I realize that that is not an appropriate ending for a paragraph, is not a concluding sentence (the last bun on the Burrrr-Gurrr), but I’m sorry. Sometimes I just can’t think that intelligently, or I am honestly way too lazy to be all “In conclusion, I’m going to go saw off my hands so I can never be embarassed by doorknobs again”. Aight aight?

Sexy man of the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! His name is Chad Christ (ACCIDENTAL JESUS REFERENCE, TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT!) and he was in this movie I watched yesterday, Jawbreaker. It’s totally insane. About these girls who “kidnap” their best friend for her birthday but end up killing her on accident. Totally trippy. Gah. Must see.

Anyways, so he was in it, and by reviewing his IMDB page, he’s been in nine things and every time it’s one episode or a small-ass role. But he’s still mega cuuuuute!

Mmm-mmm, good.

WHAT IS WITH ME AND BEING CREEPY? I am so sorry. I must go now, laptops suck ass to type on for me because everything is all hunched together. ❤



~ by junkinmahcranium on November 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “*wheeze* hey durr. *gasp*”

  1. I’ve never get why you say “on accident” instead of “by accident”


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