what’s been new with the n.

I haven’t written a blog entry in almost a month, and you will never know how sorry I am for that. I’ve honestly sat down to write a few times, and even got in a sentence, but then the boy (-friend, yes, it’s true 😀 ) would call or I’d be summoned by a parent or I’d just be in such a shitty mood and only wanted to curl up in a ball and watch Monk online.

A lot’s happened, though, but I don’t really want to talk about what’s happened; I want to talk about what is happening NOW.

Um. Fuck. Now I can’t think of anything that’s happening.

Well, just a second ago, my mom called me downstairs to look at pictures of the place we’re possibly moving into within three-ish months. It’s beautiful and the house is huge. We don’t live in a huge house now (actually, it’s super tiny) and the new one has a lot of windows and floor space and a pretty tree in the front that I’ll be able to climb … gah, I’m excited.

And I would be more excited-sounding, but every time I mention my moving (which seriously, I’m jazzed for! I love change, I crave change, and I’m finally getting, two years sooner than I thought it would come! Ahh!) to a friend or to my boyfriend*, I get a “can we please not talk about that right now”, a “you’re not moving! Never! Don’t even tell me that cuz it’s not happening!”, a depressed look, or a nonchalant “that’s nice”. It’s like, people, please, be happy for me. I know that it’s going to be sad. I know that it’s going to suck not seeing each other on a day-to-day basis. But I’d really like it for them to be a tad thrilled! I don’t need to talk about it everyday (and I don’t!), but once in a while would be nice.

The good part is, my moving doesn’t really affect my online life (however pityingly nonexistant it is). For instance, my Youtube/TheSexyMacaroni won’t really suffer. No one online is attached to the backdrop, I don’t think, so a window in a new place and a different paint color shouldn’t matter much. I’ll still be the same person, spewing out the same recycled shit, so whoopdie doo! No one’s heartbroken. 🙂

On a completely different note, I’ve been sucking at writing for about two years. Ever since I put my heart and soul into Rune-Adventure,  I’ve simply not had the energy to devote to a whole new story. Just under one month ago, I mapped out this entire storyline about Death and Odetta, the story of how a girl got to choose whether to live happily in death with her lover or to live life alone but successful … anyways, I mapped it all out and fleshed out the details and was ready to write it .. but then I stopped. I just didn’t feel like it.

And it’s ridiculous. I have all these would-be stories in my head, stories I would just love to write, stories that I think people need to read. Stories that I personally NEED TO TELL. But do I tell them? No. I sit and stare at the three sentences I’ve written and go “bleccch”. It’s just not good. I need to tell these things. I need to write. I need MOTIVATION, guys, and I don’t know where to get it.

Okay, the boyfriend is calling. Now I must stop blogging. I wish I could continue, but he’s being stubborn. 😛

I love you all. I’ll blog more soon, promise.



~ by junkinmahcranium on December 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “what’s been new with the n.”

  1. I’m glad your location relocation wont affect the interweb at all 🙂
    I’m also ever so happy for you in the boy arena

  2. Wait, woah, your house is super tiny? :O You guys have got like four bedrooms!
    I love how you refer to “the boyfriend” as a “the” and not a “my”. It’s so very… DUNDUNDUN. That made no sense.

    ZOMG LOL YOU JUST LEFT ME A VOICEMAIL. I can’t call you back because I’m writing that paragraph for Mr. Ryan. Damn this “no more than 7 sentences” rule. I wrote like 12 and now I’m trying to edit it down. Thank god for semi colons.

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