doo doo doo! tongues?

Do you know what’s a weird sensation? Having SOMEONE ELSE’S TONGUE graze your teeth. Weirdweirdweird.

I hope that wasn’t bragging 😛

So! This week was short, thankfully, but lots went on in academia. Four tests (three of which I got to postpone til next week, so yay!), two projects, and one paper due … but it was also rather relaxing. We watched a movie for a few days in Global and listened to our adorable Spanish teacher charade the new vocab words. We played water polo and other easy games in gym (I’m in the swimming unit), but bla bla bla, you don’t care. Just know that it was an overall good week.

An hour ago I had this awful dream. It involved my brother, who is currently in Afghanistan, who was showing me these amazing works of art he painted. They weren’t the original copies but pictures of them someone had taken and put on Facebook. I saw one of them and exclaimed “What?! You did this?! this is my favorite piece of artwork EVER, in the entire world!”. He said something along the lines of “bullshit” with a laugh. “Well, I haven’t seen much artwork” I had said. But then I noticed that the little caption under the photo said “done by me, i hope u guys like this, it took forever”. Some asshole, some kid from my school, had stolen my brother’s artwork and claimed it as his own. All I remember after seeing that was crying forever in my brother’s arms, and he kept saying “it’s okay, seriously, it’s not a big deal”.

And I woke up to the glorious buzzing of my phone.

To totally skip a transition and just BAM-BANG-BOOSH right into the text subject, I have been completely neglecting the Sexy Man of the Day. And that is just not fair to you guys. I get it, really, I do. You need to see some sexy once in a while.  And if I don’t provide that for you, WHO THE HELL WILL? I don’t want chuuuu gaihssss(?!?) lookin’ up porn or something. So. I present you with WILL SMITH. I hope he hasn’t been featured on here before … but even if, he’s still damn sexy.

Gahhhhhhh. Nice-lookin’, eh? 😀 He’s also an amazing actor, but anyone who’s ever seen a TV set or a movie theatre knows that.

I’m really excited for New Years. M-Dig and I have this tradition of just chilling at her house (right, Dig, that’s where we’re chilling? I mean, we could go to my house but for the past forevers we’ve been there. I know your house is like dead on the bottom (sorry :P) but it’s always been “tradish”. Just let me know!) and we haven’t hung out in a long time, and therefore I’m shwooshed with excitement. SHWOOSHED, I TELL YOU, SHWOOSHED.

Aaaaaaaand that’s all for today. ❤ Sorry I hadn’t posted for a while, and sorry my posting is so shoddy now.



~ by junkinmahcranium on December 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “doo doo doo! tongues?”

  1. Do you know what I don’t need to know? What you and your boyfriend are doing when you SUCK FACE.

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