birthalization – are these loins doing it?!

This blog post will be shit, I can tell. Skip it if you’d like! 🙂

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about children, in direct reference to myself. Not that I want any anytime soon (these legs are closed TIGHTLY when next to the male gentalia, for serious, just ask my ex), but in general I’ve been wishy washy. I really want to raise a kid or four, but I don’t actually want to carry the kids around in me for a while and then pop them out. Because as fun a phrase as “pop them out” is, I know it’s not as easy or painless as that. And because I’m weak, I’m afraid.

It’s not like I have to decide RIGHT NOW, but I was Facebook stalking today and came across this woman who is friends with the sister of this kid I go to school with, and she has three little boys with adorable names:  Atlas, Rowen, and Oliver. And I seriously “aww”ed out loud. I really want to name some kids. And I’m not going to give them stupid names like Megan or David or John or Amanda or Lauren or Peter. Those just kind of SUCK. They’re so blah. No, I’m going to give my kids neat names like Estella and Yvonne and O’Dair and Calder and Rosalyn and Maddox and maybe Genesis. And right now they might sound silly to you, and maybe I’ll think up better ones, but my kids’ names are going to have a bit of flair. I don’t like plain, bland names like Ann or Sarah or Nora or Maddie.

And also, I really love naming girls with boy names. In almost all of my most recent stories/scripts, I’ve named girls things like Freddie, Ray, Sawyer, Lee  … etcetera. God, I love them. So I think I’ll name my kids the first name with flair, the second name unisexual.

IF YOU DISAPPROVE, DO NOT MOCK ME. I think a name is really important, and unoriginal names seriously set you back, put you in the shadows, whereas really spunky names make you memorable. My opinion, anyways.

In other news, I like taking pictures for Dailybooth. Find me here :D. This movie was excellent, btw!:



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3 Responses to “birthalization – are these loins doing it?!”

  1. OH MY GOD, FREDDIE. You really ought to do that.
    I’ll be a surrogate for you, if you want. The whole concept of pregnancy is so beautiful to me.

    On neopets, people used to rank other people’s names. Rank mine? Marissa and then M? I’d ask you rank Dig but I know you’d rank it 10. xD Nah, probably not. RANK THEM?!?!

  2. AHH Name, I was just thinking about this the other day too, not because of kids… just because I like considering names…

    Then I read M’s comment and it made me giggle, on Neo I thought the best name ever was Thuay that I had, it was based on by sister’s Chinese friend Thuy whose name was pronounced “TWEE”.


  3. I love the idea of naming girls with boy names, totally empowering!

    I remember watching a show once, I forget which, when one of the characters commented that she never wanted kids because of how annoying they are, and then another character replies, “Then keep your knees shut, it’s better for everyone.” Or something like that 😛

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