a year. :o

This is insanely weird of me to think about; that I’ve had a blog for a year. I didn’t even realize it until I went to my homepage, checking for comments, and saw that GIANT ASS ARCHIVE LIST on the side. Do you see that? Glance over at it right now. Look. Isn’t that fucking crazy?! A year. An entire year.

I realize that that year wasn’t filled with the most interesting of posts. I’ve ranted and I’ve bitched and I’ve cried and I’ve showed you sexy men (sorry that that kinda ended D: the world didn’t run out of them, my boyfriend just got jealous ;D ). And all through it, I’ve had a few of you to keep me going, and for that I thank you πŸ™‚

I remember starting this blog as I was trying to get over some major depression issues. My parents had just divorced, people who I thought were my best friends had betrayed my trust, and I was generally just down. This blog, this ridiculously titled junkinmahcranium.wordpress, seriously helped me climb on top of that pile of shit I was in and feel better about myself. I could write for myself but also for other people, using words that I love in a format that I love, talking about whatever the fuck I wanted to, which I love … and swearing as many times as I felt like it. Which I love.

Even through a few more spouts of depression, I’ve kept up with this blog because deep inside I knew it helped. Sometimes, even if no one comments, it’s good to just rant and post and get all those pent-up feelings out. A lot of the time I’m really vague, for my own safety or because I don’t like sharing serious secrets, and so I thank you for putting up with that .. but I’m not sorry. Sometimes you just have to do something for yourself instead of other people, for once, and blogging is that thing.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this except that I’m really grateful for this blog and all that it’s brought me. It’s given me a way to reflect on myself, a way to not go crazy, and a way to show off the men I’m attracted to.

So, thanks readers, and thanks WordPress. You’ve done a lot for me, and I seriously appreciate it.





~ by junkinmahcranium on March 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “a year. :o”

  1. Happy 1 Year Anniversary Nora =)
    I really look forward to reading your blog, especially with the sexy dudes. Robert Downey, Jr. is awesome.

  2. πŸ˜€ A great year it’s been in the long run me thinks.

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