f-bombs. ftw.

Poor grammar, especially when typing (spelling too), really fucking pisses me off. Especially when people do it on purpose. “Wat”, “Dat”, “Da” are the most basic. “2maro”. Shit like that. So annoying. I’m also getting really fed up with adding “z” or “zo” to words. It’s stupid. People think it makes them sound cute or funny or that fake-girly-stupid, and I’m sick of it.

I just watched The Breakfast Club, and whenever I watch that movie, I get in a sour mood. I hate how that scumbag is such a bitch to prissy Claire, and yet they hook up in a broom closet just the same. I hate that the athlete only realizes his “like” for the emo chick when she gets a makeover. I hate it that they all stick the nerd with finishing the assignment, and he nicely agrees and writes an amazing piece. It’s all so fucking cliche. Cheesy bullshit. I get that it was the 80s and it’s a fucking John Hughes flick, but I wish every movie wasn’t so god damn predictable.

I wish people who don’t give a shit about you wouldn’t lie and pretend like they do. For so long, you can go thinking someone cares about you, only to have that vanish in a blink. If someone has a problem with you, they should come out and fucking say it. To your face, right away. If the relationship is worth it, you can overcome it. If not, fuck it. That’s a lot of time not wasted, hearts not broken, and voices not lost from screaming at one another.

I also think that when you’ve got someone in your life that is a pain; that gives you shit, makes you feel bad; someone you don’t get along with, you should be able to leave them. You should have the freedom to walk away. For kids it’s difficult because you’re stuck in that one fucking house (or two, depending on your situation. *raises hand*) for eighteen years. You don’t have the choice to get up and walk away. And if it’s a friend, well, what if you don’t have any other friends? What are you supposed to do then? Some people can’t handle solitude. I’m among them.

I’m in a terrible mood because of that fucking movie. Remind me never to watch it again.

I ALSO reallllllllllly hate those pricks who think they’re funny shit. They make perverted and derogatory jokes. Sometimes racist jokes. They insult other people, trying to get a laugh or a rise out of them, but really, the only thing they get is hate directed towards them. Why do they do that? I’ve never understood that whole “they’re mean to make themselves feel better” thing. I know that when I’m mean to someone or do something hurtful, I’m in deep regret for days, sometimes weeks, depending. I wouldn’t fucking feel better making some joke about blacks or asians or talking about “fucking some ho”. I hate sexism and I hate racism and I hate homophobia and I hate the assholes who get away with all that without scratches in their eyes and bruises on their faces.



~ by junkinmahcranium on May 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “f-bombs. ftw.”

  1. Preach on sister girl, preach on.


  2. I’ve never seen that film but it sounds like it would infuriate me too. Keep up the standards N. 🙂

  3. I’ve never seen Breakfast Club and now I don’t plan on it. D:

    And I totally know what you mean about guys. You basically just described most of the male student body at my school… they’re all convinced making jokes about sex/drugs/booze/gay people makes them funny. So freaking immature. >.<

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