the disease of writer’s block

I’m looking around my room, trying desperately to find something worthwhile to blog about. I see the cat, who is licking her private areas (gross, Mo, gross). I see the piles and piles of clean clothes all on the floor, which is so completely uninteresting that I’m going to end the sentence right now. I see this piggy bank with art of San Francisco, I see a dog figure made out of scrap metal, I see a clock and a graduation gown and oh that’s lovely a black bra and flip flops and pens and cameras and holy fucking shit I don’t know what to write.

And now I have a song about Jesus in my head because today I helped out at my friend’s vacation bible school. “This is the day the Lord hath made, bla bla rejoice and be glad in it”. I always love those songs at VBS because even though I’m not a superreligious or even Christian person, the songs are always upbeat and happy and cute. They even come with complex but adorable hand motions. I was feeling really down this morning and the hundred kids pumping their fists together was just the best thing for me.

SPEAKING OF MY CAT (which, yes, I know, no one was. whatever, I’m bad at transitions), have I ever showed this blog pictures of her? No? Well, I am a crazy cat lady and therefore think that my cat understands me and talks back with her eyes and all that stuff. Maybe it’s true or maybe I’m just insane. Sometimes the cat and I will have photo shoots (this is where I lose half my readers) and I’ll tell her to look one way and she will and it’s really cute. Okay. Now that you’re all freaked out, here’s a picture of my cat.

I think I’m in a good mood today. I mean, with VBS and Rock Band and texting and the cat and sleeping and karaoke, I’ve had a pretty fucking good day. Summer sometimes gets me sad because I’m bored and have to just sit here with my thoughts, which from a few posts ago, we all know are not the best.  So to have a few good days here and there is great.

That’s all I can think up today. I apologize if this post lacked … awesomeness. 😛 Also, the post is short today because I have to text all of this to Adam and the less I write the less I have to text! >:D



~ by junkinmahcranium on July 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “the disease of writer’s block”

  1. I love VBS songs. I also help out at a VBS, and they’re just so joyful and nice. I always end up working with the youngest group of kids so I’m usually preoccupied during the time keeping them in one spot, much less mindful of what’s going on.
    100 kids, WOW. the one I go to is like less than 30!
    You don’t sound crazy. Just about everyone things highly of there pets. I love doing photo shoots with Linus, though he doesn’t sit still, much less turn his head the way I tell him too….

  2. Cats gain readers. I’m so happy the churchy songs are joy inducing. I also love that feeling you get when everyone is just siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinging. (Too many I’s).


  3. I like how recently you’ve been calling your meowie Mo, I think it’s adorable. And I think that photoshoots with her MUST be publicized. Like, now. I do photoshoots with Lucy… a lot. And with other people’s pets… all the time. It’s super nerdy and creepy and I love it. And you should post yours.

    I agree with you about summer, although of course it’s different but sometimes it’s just so frustrating because without anything real or concrete to distract you… it’s just hard to get away from thoughts that just eat eat eat away at you. (You meaning general public, i.e. me) I mean, you can play Bananagrams and write blogs but that stuff only keeps your mind busy for so long and… it’s hard.

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