your hands need to gtfo.


Today I went over to this old woman’s house because she invited me and she’s sweet and adorable and goes to my church and I wanted to. So she brings her grandson who is thirteen because we rode on the same bus to school together and she thinks we’ll be friends or whatever. I remember this kid from the bus and he was ridiculously offensive and creepy and wanna-be-sexual-with-a-woman and disgusting. But I can’t say no to the old lady because she’s a fucking old lady and you just can’t say no to those women.

So I’m at her house and the first two hours go by smoothly; we eat and play cards and it’s all fun. Then she wants to nap (cuz, you know, she’s old) and so she tells me and the kid to go watch tv in the basement. THE FUCKING SECOND we get down there and flip on the tv he starts asking me all these creepy questions like “What does fingering feel like?”,  “How big was your last boyfriend’s ___?”,  “How many times have you had seeeeeeex?” It was so … ugh. So I don’t answer any of them, obviously.

Then the little fuck whips out his cell phone and plays a ring tone. He goes “oh! A text! It’s my friend David. He says he’ll give me a dollar if I ask you for sex, five dollars for a hj, fifty for a bj, and A HUNDRED if we go all the way. We can split the caaaash!” I swear to Jesus, I almost sliced his head off with my pocket razor.  I get up to leave and of-fucking-course I have to walk past him to get to the door and he slaps my ass. I whip around to slap in the face and the fucker tries to grope me.

I apologize if this is awkward for anyone. I need to write somewhere.

I am so pissed off. I ran back upstairs and his grandma was all “let’s play another game” and I wasn’t about to tell this seventy-year-old woman that her grandson just fucking TOUCHED me, so I sit down and put on a battle face and fucking kick his ass at seven consecutive board and card games.

I am so fucking sick of guys thinking that they can touch me wherever they want to. It hasn’t even been one fucking week since I was LAST violated (granted, that one was a lot worse, but still) and even if I hadn’t previously been this still would have made me sick. He intruded on my personal space like three did on Friday and this is seriously the last fucking time someone fucks with me without my say (pun not intended :/). I am sick of this. SO. Fucking. Sick.

Again, sorry.



~ by junkinmahcranium on July 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “your hands need to gtfo.”

  1. What in the world does this thirteen year old boy think he is? That’s just sick, and WRONG. I mean, even if you where the kinda girl to go down on him right then and there, which you obviously aren’t, imagine if his GRANDMA walked in on it! That would just be, horrible! It sounds like you’re more worried about his Grandma than HE is. That is sick.
    Don’t be sorry, this is your blog, you have the right to rant and do what ever you want to on here, and if you want to be honest and tell about some things that aren’t hippy happy, you go on and DO IT!
    I love you!

  2. This is the place to rant. That boy is disgusting. To not stop when you clearly ignored his first attempts is uncalled for. To grope you is terrible. PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THESE DAYS!


  3. Um. What the fuck. That is all I have to say.
    No, I do have more to say. Obviously.
    It’s not awkward, I’m glad you wrote it out.

    Um. So. What a fucking freak. Seriously. WHO DOES THAT. WHAT THE FUCK. I do not. I can’t even begin to process that. Who in their right mind would EVER think that’s okay? EVER? Or does he realize it isn’t okay and is fine with that? I really don’t understand that. Sick and wrong. Fucking sick. You’re right.

    If you ever see that fucker again, cut his penis off. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. Wear Guybrush’s pants, shove a chain saw in there, and bye bye dick. I’m serious. And I’m really sorry that happened to you, N-Dawg. I wish I lived there so I could hire Reina to kick his ass.


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