good-bye blog.

Today was not as bad as last night.

I was pissed at first because I had to wake up at five thirty (after going to sleep at three thirty) AM, but I ended up sleeping in the shower like I fucking love to do. Then I head to my friend Randi’s house, and we played Garage Hero or Guitar Band or whatever the fuck that game is called. Then we went to this FREE showing of Hotel For Dogs which I thought was going to suck and actually was adorable. We ended up having this epic paint fight and getting gross and messy (I had to wipe blue paint out of orifices you’ve never even heard of) and it was so much fun. I went to vbs and breathed away a panic attack and sang about Jesus and got soaked by a water balloon and it was great.

Then later I got to talk to M-Dig on the phone and I rarely get to do that so that was nice. I fell asleep a few million times and idk. An okay day.

I would like to say that I’m probably deleting this entire blog soon. Once I save every post to Word, I’m fucking deleting it. For reasons I rambled about last post (no one REALLY wants to read depressive shit no matter how much they care … they get freaked or offended or feel awkward and it’s a big mess) … plus, I mean, it’s just inappropriate. I think sometimes I forget that this website is not my journal (which I’ve been neglecting), I forget that it’s not personal and private and then, what, I expect people to comment? I mean, they say they will and they say they love me and all that shit, but I wouldn’t let them read my journal, would I? So why am I letting them read this?

This blog used to be fun. Back when I couldn’t pinpoint my dp to a name, even when I didn’t use the term “autopilot”, this blog was fun. I could drift away and let my fingers type and post pictures of attractive celebrities. Whatever. Those days are gone along with the girl who wrote in them and if you don’t like it then you can fucking suck it. Because … nevermind. I’m not explaining myself.

This will be the last post. It’s been an okay run. Thanks for being there .. M-Dig, Marina, Michelle, Liz, Evie, Cocoa, Random Jesus Freaks, some chick named Rachel, Adam, my creeper parents, people from dpselfhelp, StevenErnest (I’m sure), Beef, Alexis, Holly … whoever whatever. Thanks but bye.

This website will be deleted within a few weeks. Bye!


PS. For old time’s sake, and since it’s the last. Here is the Sexy Man of the Day. His name is Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he is most known for  his role in 10 Things I Hate About You (with Heath Ledger and that chick from The Prince and Me) and most recently seen in 2010’s Inception … HERE HE FUCKING IS.


~ by junkinmahcranium on July 29, 2010.

One Response to “good-bye blog.”

  1. Awh :/. Now I have to read every single post before you delete it! Dang. Oh well your blog; your call. I’ll miss it!

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